Morning Roundup: #BREXIT Spezial. Fallout



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Am 23.Juni 2016, auf dem Höhepunkt einer wochenlang andauernden, politisch-medialen Schlammschlacht – in der aufgeheizten Stimmung fällt die junge Labour Politikerin Jo Cox einem Attentat zum Opfer –, stimmt Großbritannien per EU-Referendum (#EUref) über den Verbleib in der Eurozone ab. Und entscheidet sich – um Haaresbreite – für einen Austritt. #LEAVE. Details unklar (Sofortbild #Brexit. Der Meltdown v. 26.06.2016; Sofortbilds Morning Roundup: Steinmeier schaltet sich ein, aber London hat Zeit v. 25.06.2016). Premierminister David Cameron gibt seinen Rücktritt bekannt.

Tories im Meltdown. Labour in der Krise. Crisis talks on monday. Jeremy Corbyn sieht sich in der Nacht auf Sonntag mit einem Misstrauensvotum aus den eigenen Reihen konfrontiert. Er entläßt Hilary Benn, seinen Shadow-Minister, der eine Reihe der Minister der Opposition aufrief Corbyn als Leader der Labour-Party zu ersetzen. Bis Sonntag Nacht kündigen insgesamt 12 Minister aus Corbyns Schattenkabinett ihr Mandat auf; aus Protest gegen die Entlassung Hilary Benns. Benn hatte an Tag 1 nach dem #BREXIT-Votum dem Labour-Chef sein Vertrauen entzogen:‘No confidence in his ability to win next election’, so Benn. Der Guardian meldet, nach Entlassung Benns sei nun die Hälfte des britischen Schattenkabinetts zurückgetreten u. a.»Angela Eagle, Lucy Powell, Jonathan Ashworth, Lisa Nandy, Chris Bryant, Luciana Berger, Gloria De Piero, Charlie Falconer, Ian Murray, Rosie Winterton and Andy Burnham could be among those to resign from the Labour frontbench on Sunday (Quelle: The Guardian 26.06.2016)«.


Die Titelseite des britischen Guardian von heute, Montag, den 27.06.2016


Beunruhigend ist nur, die Anti-Corbyn Fraktion scheint genauso wenig einen Plan zu haben, wie die konservativen #Brexit-Clowns um Boris Johnson und Nigel Farage.


Hilary Benn, Initiator des Coups gegen Jeremy Corbyn, gehört zur konservativen, Neoliberalismus stützenden Blairite-Fraktion der Labour-Party und scheint unter Corbyns Führung zunehmend ins Abseits geraten zu sein. Der britische Guardian schreibt über Benn:

»Sources close to the leadership indicated that Benn had been a marked man even before the Observer revelations. The MP for Leeds Central electrified his party, and dismayed Corbyn, when he made a passionate speech in favour of British military involvement in Syria […].« Guardian v. 25.06.2016


»Jeremy Corbyn faces a coup this week by members of his shadow cabinet, led by Hilary Benn, the Observer can reveal. […] It is understood that the shadow foreign secretary called fellow MPs over the weekend to suggest that he will ask Corbyn to stand down if there is significant support for a move against the leader. He has also asked shadow cabinet colleagues to join him in resigning if the Labour leader ignores that request. A spokesman for Benn declined to comment.« (Guardian, v. 26.06.2016)


Jeremy Corbyn äußert sich zu den Vorwürfen.


Paul Mason, Journalist und Autor (Postcapitalism), reagiert schnell und ergreift öffentlich Partei für Jeremy Corbyn. Noch während es stündlich Rücktritte hagelt schreibt Mason in seinem Brief an die Labour MPs am Sonntag Abend:

»Dear Labour MPs,

Were living through a massive and complex historic moment. Brexit signals, at the very least, the high watermark of globalisation. I didn’t vote for it and I don’t relish dealing with it.

But this is not Labour’s defeat. We did not call the referendum; even those of you who chose to take part in the government-led campaign were not its leaders. This is the Tories‘ catastrophe. […] The Tories are in turmoil. There is a swing of former No voters in Scotland towards independence. The constitutional crisis means PLP members will be required to act as parliamentarians first, party members second in the next days. […]

Is Corbyn the ideal leader? It’s impossible to tell what an ideal leader is. For the historic period that’s opened up, with populist politics and nationalist rhetoric corroding the power of reason – I really don’t know what kind of leadership we will need. He’ll be tested, for sure, and in any case we have to find a new generation prepared to redefine Labour politics for an era of uncertainty. […] But one thing I do know: Corbyn is incapable of lying to the British people; he is immured to elite politics; he didn’t spend his entire life in a Machievellean project to gain power and an invite to Oleg Deripaska’s yacht. […]

In your minds I suspect some of you crave the emergence of a less slick, more plebeian Blair. Somebody to fight populism with populism. The referendum was won by clowns: Johnson and Farage. If we in Labour want to summon up our own populist clown let’s think hard before doing so. […] As I write some shadow cabinet members are resigning, claiming Corbyn is ineffective. Yet he delivered what Cameron could not – 2/3 of his voters, against the combined might of Fleet St. They are saying we can’t win an election with Corbyn. We’re on 32% – neck and neck with the Tories.

I’m certain we cannot win with yet another establishment technocrat. If a single member of the right of Labour had an analysis of what went wrong that goes beyond“we don’t like Corbyn’s style“ I’d listen. It’s not there.

Corbyn needs to form a new shadow cabinet of people who actually want to represent the workers, youth and minorities of this country and understand the first principle of our movement – stick together.« Paul Mason


Wer jetzt glaubt, das hätte es alles so noch nicht gegeben, zur Beruhigung eine Folge YES MINISTER (1981): Über britische Europa-Politik.



+++ #BREXIT löst einen Coup in der Labour-Party aus. KEY EVENTS – as it happened
6h ago    Closing summary: Corbyn resists resignation calls, while Johnson sets out stall
8h ago    Boris Johnson sets out Tory leadership stall
9h ago    Defiant Corbyn refuses to stand down
10h ago  Chris Bryant resigns from shadow cabinet
12h ago  Corbyn hit by a further shadow cabinet resignation
13h ago  Tom Watson declines to back Corbyn’s leadership
13h ago   Lord Falconer resigns from shadow cabinet

+++ 6h ago :: 00:40 Closing summary: Corbyn resists resignation calls, while Johnson sets out stall +++ •Eleven members of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resigned, following the sacking of Hilary Benn, who was accused of plotting a coup. Corbyn, however, received the backing of loyalists Diane Abbott and John McDonnell, as well as trade union bosses.
+++ •Boris Johnson set out his Brexit vision and tried to paint himself as the next leader of the Conservative party. Despite strong suggestions to the contrary by some of his leave colleagues, he claimed Britain could keep access to the European single market and limit freedom of movement after Brexit. +++ •The chancellor George Osborne announced he would make a speech in the morning in a bid to calm the markets as it emerged that pound had fallen in early Asian trading on Monday. +++ •The Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon said the country could try to block Brexit by withholding the necessary legislative consent. +++ zum Guardian Livefeed KEY EVENTS – as it happened.




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