George Monbiot: The Propaganda of the Victor… „how the poor were airbrushed from history“

Colonial Countryside

Our journey is about uncovering… uncovering a narrative that is often hidden not far beneath the surface.

In February 2009, George Monbiot, British writer and political activist, wrote a piece linking heritage sites with national consciousness, suggesting that bodies like the National Trust had a responsibility that stretched beyond the tourism sector.

We would like to share this piece again and remain hopeful that the Trust continue to stick to their word…

“we can never hope fully to understand the past, but we can at least recognise that history is open to widely different interpretations … The Trust is ready to explore unfamiliar or uncomfortable history in new ways.”

The piece looks at Stowe Landscape Gardens, a location from Monboit’s own childhood, restored by the National Trust but tells a story of famous architects and great families rather than eviction and famine; a selective view of the past that…

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About Auerbach

Australian-German artist-designer-publisher, with a passion for politics, currently based in Frankfurt and London. Covering a wide range of artistic production in the Visual Arts - exhibitions, design, curatorial. Zylvia has designed several publications for major art book publishers.

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