George Monbiot: The Propaganda of the Victor… „how the poor were airbrushed from history“

Colonial Countryside

Our journey is about uncovering… uncovering a narrative that is often hidden not far beneath the surface.

In February 2009, George Monbiot, British writer and political activist, wrote a piece linking heritage sites with national consciousness, suggesting that bodies like the National Trust had a responsibility that stretched beyond the tourism sector.

We would like to share this piece again and remain hopeful that the Trust continue to stick to their word…

“we can never hope fully to understand the past, but we can at least recognise that history is open to widely different interpretations … The Trust is ready to explore unfamiliar or uncomfortable history in new ways.”

The piece looks at Stowe Landscape Gardens, a location from Monboit’s own childhood, restored by the National Trust but tells a story of famous architects and great families rather than eviction and famine; a selective view of the past that…

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Ethnic diversity in Roman Britain: it all kicks off with images


Following the recent Twitter rants about the colour of people’s skin in Roman Britain, I look here at the power and problems with archaeological imagery relating to skin colour. Linking it to my blog, I focus on funerary evidence and a funerary representation.

The many challenges of archaeological illustration

Archaeological illustrators have one of the toughest (and certainly the most readily criticised) of jobs in the heritage and archaeology world. Their role is not simply to depict ‚what we know‘, but to go beyond and stimulate the imagination and engage wide and varied audiences. Artworks are made for specific purposes and audiences, to make specific points and to educate and communicate. Yet they also acquire afterlives if used again and again in different media, often confusing their original intention and gaining stories and significances far beyond the artist’s.

So even the simplest of images depicting the past requires the artist…

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Der Wahlkampf auf Instagram (Folge 1)

Mit dem Regenbogenherz ins politische Sommermärchen

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-28 um 12.44.41

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Rechte Medienaktivisten bei G20 – anschließende Kampagne gegen mich

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Soeren Kohlhuber:
Ein internationales Netzwerk an Rechten bombardiert mich via Twitter und Facebook mit Nachrichten, ein Journalist outet mich in einem Youtube-Video, nachdem er mit Aktivisten aus dem Umfeld der Identitären Bewegung und US-Rechten auf einer Anti-G20-Demo von deutschen Antifaschisten angegriffen wurde. Eine Erklärung und kurze Recherche zu den Personen…

Antifa Journalist Gets Death Threats After Exposing Far Right Media at Hamburg G20 Protest


America is not sending its best people to Germany. A number of Far Right pseudo-journalists attempted to attend the G20 counter-protests in Hamburg, but were exposed by antifa journalist Soeren Kohlhuber. These were Lauren Southern (Canada), Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool (U.S.), and Max Bachmann (Germany). They were later confronted by activists who were displeased by their presence. Kohlhuber received a slew of death threats in return. He’s in Hamburg right now covering the “Welcome to Hell” demonstrations, but he made time to do a short interview with NYC Antifa.

In Hamburg, Left to Right: Luke Rudkowsky, Lauren Southern, Max Bachmann, Tim Pool (Photo: Sören Kohlhuber)

The Far Right „journalists“ were:

Lauren Southern, an Alt Right media figure who is working with European white nationalist Identitarian groups to block refugee boats. She had the chutzpah to wear a “Identity Europa” shirt to the demonstrations, which were so intense that…

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Ein Gastbeitrag von Mangela Erkel ** für MUNDFUNK

Tsss. Von wegen Anschlag auf die Demokratie. Ein Anschlag auf die Demokratie wäre es, wenn ich sagen würde: Och, das SPD-Programm gefällt mir, das übernehme ich. Ganz offiziell. Und CDU und CSU die einzigen Parteien wären, die im neuen Bundestag vertreten sind. Weil alle anderen unter der 5%-Hürde Limbo tanzten.

Wenn aus „Sie kennen mich“ „Du wirst mich noch kennen lernen“ wird, dann wünscht er sich, dass wenigstens die transsexuellen, taubenzüchtenden Taxifahrer noch Martin wählen. Aber das kann er dann vergessen.

Ich hatte angeboten, dass die ihr dämliches Programm abarbeiten, still und leise, wie gehabt, während ich Embrasser mit Macron, Trudeau und Jogis Eleven mache. Und was machen die..?! Ziehen mir rote Linien. Aber denen zeige ich, was Linien sind. Mehr wird von ihren Balken am Wahlabend nämlich nicht übrig sein. Und dann wird gleichgestellt…

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Grenfell Tower

Municipal Dreams

For almost four decades, we have been taught to see public spending as a bad thing; ruthless economising as a virtue.  We have come to know the price of everything and the value of nothing…and have ended with the funeral pyre of Grenfell Tower. 

Three days after the night of Wednesday 14 June, I still haven’t written anything about Grenfell Tower.  I’ve been trying to process the tragedy emotionally and intellectually. Even the pronoun jars.  This is – or should be – all about the pain and anger felt by the victims of the tower block fire. Those feelings are shared by many but have been appropriated by a few to fit their existing worldviews, to serve pre-existing agenda. In the meantime, it seems every journalist has become an expert, every pundit has their opinion.

Grenfell nowI do know a bit about social housing but I’m certainly not an expert on…

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